‘Panama’s fair probe can change fate of Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD – After returning from London visit, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that unbiased inquiry of Panama leaks could change fate of Pakistan, on Monday here.According to the private TV channel, Imran vowed to continue struggle for formation of an unbiased commission while talking to the journalists in Bani Gala. He dubbed formation of a govt-led commission an act of ‘making a deal’.

The PTI chief declared that he would go to any extent for transparent probe on Panama leaks. He said that the sole purpose of commission formed by the government was to acquit the leaders of allegations. He warned the government of strong protest if a commission led by the chief justice (CJ) was not formed to probe the leaks against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Earlier, speaking to a public meeting of the PTI in Birmingham, Imran said that the nations who emphasised on justice and equity have become mighty whereas those nations who lack an ideology ultimately diminish. He further said that we must not forget that Pakistan was the name of a wonderful dream.

“I stated that Nawaz Sharif is involved in money laundering. As a reply, the PML-N workers are protesting outside Jemima’s house”, he said. He added that the Prime Minister must have provided clarification in the Parliament just like UK Prime Minister David Cameron did in his country.

He said that instead of giving clarifications, the biggest charity institution of Pakistan was made subject to criticism. “If Shaukat Khanum (Memorial Cancer Hospital) did anything wrong then why is it being highlighted after the Panama leaks onset?” he inquired, adding that if the rulers had any shame they would not have made such a move.


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