Siraj Ul Haq

Panama leaks issue will be resolved through commission: Siraj ul Haq

PESHAWAR: JI Amir Siraj ul Haq has said corruption is major problem of Pakistan and it is eating into vitals of the country like termite.

“Corruption is major problem of the country as people are directly affected by it. Currently corruption is one among the threats facing the country which is eating into vitals of the country like termite. We all together will have to fight against corrupt system,” he said this while talking to media men today.

He held Panama papers issue will not be resolved by a speech from Prime Minister (PM) in National Assembly. It will be addressed by constituting an independent and transparent commission under Chief Justice (CJ), he added.

This is a golden opportunity that corrupt families are subjected to ruthless accountability, he underlined. If they are not held accountable today then they will never be held accountable, he remarked.

He underscored that rulers breached the trust of nation and those who plundered national kitty accumulated assets in other countries. Those who have siphoned off money to off shore accounts have no right to participate in the national politics, he remarked. People want to keep those from national politics who have looted national wealth, he added. Those who have embezzled national wealth have lost their right to rule, he stated. Now they will have to defend them before the people, he added.

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