Pakistan’s handsome chaiwala receives modelling contract

Islamabad: A blue-eyed Pakistani chaiwala received a modelling contract from an online retailer in Islamabad after swirling the social media with his good looks.

Islamabad based online shopping outlet posted few pictures of Arshad, the handsome chaiwala, in trendy outfit on Facebook.

The outlet declared that Arshad will be employed as model for its launch.

The outlet posted his snaps with an appealing tag line, “Chai wala is no more chai wala, now he is fashion wala!”

Arshad became a social media celebrity after his pictures while working went viral took by local photographer Javeria at the Sunday Bazaar. when local photographer Javeria took his pictures became an overnight social media celebrity the chaiwala picture by local photographer Javeria went viral and.

The snaps caused a zeal with #chaiwala being among the top Twitter trends in Pakistan.

photographer Javeria said, “The picture was picked from my social media and people and made it a Twitter trend. It has now become famous worldwide.”

The local chaiwala also received a modeling contract soon after his pictures went viral.

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