Pakistani super model Sabeeka Imam rejected by Indian film industry

KARACHI: Pakistani super model Sabeeka Imam feels that getting a foothold in tinsel town is tough for Muslim girls.The British-Pakistani model, who is dismayed by the rejection from the Indian film industry for her Bollywood debut in ‘Queen,’ she told that, “I have seen how Muslim girls beg, plead and cry for roles in Bollywood films.” She further added, “They are exploited to a great extent.”

Model turned actress Sabeeqa Imam said that, “I have been greatly criticised for that role. I must clarify that I had signed up as a belly dancer.” She further said, ” My audition was great because I had trained as a dancer when I was young.” She claimed that she was roped in for the role of a Middle Eastern belly dancer and not a pole dancer who had migrated to Europe from Pakistan.

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