Pakistani developed software to Predict Effects of Cosmetic Procedures

If you want to see how you will look like after a cosmetic procedure we recommend you to visit a Pakistani –Australian Computer Science researcher Dr.Syed Afaq Ali at the University of Western Australia. Why, because Syed Afaq Ali Shah, a Pakistani-Australian PhD in 3D Computer Vision and machine learning has developed a 3D-imaging system that can accurately predict the outputs of different cosmetic procedures.

And of course he is not alone. Led by 3D computer vision expert Mohammed, Bennamoun as the Chief Investigator, the research team includes Dr.Syed Afaq Ali Shah and Dr.Michael Molton, a UWA graduate and cosmetic medical practitioner. The research is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project grant and Dr.Molton’s company Cosmetic Medicine Australia Pty Ltd.


They produce a 3D-scan of the patient and, using their software, determine what it will look like post-treatment using 3D-imagery. It is a major milestone and is way better than the currently-used two- dimensional photography methods that are unreliable as well as misleading

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