Pakistani 50-year-old dwarf loses deportation fight in UK

A Pakistani man suffering from dwarfism has lost a human rights fight against deportation from Scotland, reported BBC.

The 50-year-old illegal immigrant, who lived in a care home, argued that deportation would undermine his rights to family life. He further claimed he would not receive a high standard of medical treatment.

However, an immigration judge ruled against the man, whose identity has not been revealed, and the decision was further backed by the Court of Appeal. Details of the case emerged in a ruling by appeal judge Lord Justice Sales following a hearing in London.

Details of the case revealed that the man had spent more than 40 years in Pakistan before arriving in the UK in 2006 and would be able to return to family life in Pakistan without much hindrance, according to Home Secretary Theresa May.

She said there was no evidence that he would not be able to obtain treatment for the dwarfism condition Achondroplasia in Pakistan.

Judges heard the man arrived in the UK on a visitor visa which expired late in 2006. Further, they heard that he had been convicted of illegal working and deception in 2009.

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