Pakistan refuses to attend SAARC training conference in India

ISLAMABAD – Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has refused to participate in SAARC Training Conference following atrocious acts of Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena. SAARC Forum had invited senior officers of ECP to SAARC Training Conference. ECP spokesman said ECP has decided not to attend SAARC Training Conference in the wake of acts of violence being perpetrated by Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena since the last several days.–Online
SAARC Forum is going to hold training conference from November 17 to 26 in India to impart training to members of Election Commission.
Senior officers of Election Commissions of member countries of SAARC including Pakistan have been invited to this conference.
The ECP spokesman said that anti-Pakistan activities of Shiv Sena in India are intolerable.
ECP has decided not to attend training conference due to upsurge in incidents of violence on the part of Shiv Sena, an anti-Pakistan Hindu extremist party.


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