Farina Arshad

Pakistan recalls diplomat from Dhaka in protest

DHAKA: Pakistan has recalled one of its diplomats from Dhaka after she was named as allegedly having financed a suspected extremist on trial for espionage, a Bangladesh official said. “The female second secretary of the High Commission was sent back to Islamabad Wednesday afternoon, two days after Dhaka informally asked for her departure,” a senior official at Bangladesh’s foreign ministry said. The move comes after Idris Sheikh, a suspected member of the banned Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh, told a Dhaka court about his ties to Arshad, saying he received funds of 30,000 taka ($380), according to police detectives. Taking note of baseless charges against the diplomat, Pakistan Thursday once again urged the government of Bangladesh to demonstrate the spirit of reconciliation and forward looking approach enshrined in the 1974 Tripartite Agreement. Farina Arshad, Second Secretary at Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka, was constantly being harassed by the Bangladeshi authorities. Pakistan twice summoned the high commissioner of Bangladesh and a strong protest was lodged against the treatment meted out to her, the Foreign Office spokesman said in a statement issued here. “Following this protest, it was decided to withdraw her. She has since returned back,” the statement added.

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