Pakistan leaves China, India behind in reducing corruption

ISLAMABAD – Corruption in Pakistan is on the decline – as Transparency International Berlin (TIB) on Wednesday releases its annual global report 2015 showing Pakistan further improving its ranking from the 50th most corrupt country in 2014 to 53rd in 2015.

The report also shows Pakistan has done better compared to its other neighbours, including China, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal in checking corruption. This does not mean that all these countries are more corrupt than Pakistan.

Instead these countries either maintained their 2014 CPI scores or lost a few points in 2015. Although a typographical mistake in the TI Berlin report shows Pakistan’s rank to have improved in 2015 by nine countries as against 2014, in actual fact it has improved by three ranks from the previous 50th most corrupt to 53rd most corrupt.

In a press release, TI Pakistan Chairman Sohail Muzaffar said that the CPI score for Pakistan this year had again increased by one point to 30, and the rank had improved by three. The 2015 CPI score is the best ever but still Muzaffar believes, “Pakistan should have performed better which can be achieved by having on-ground measures for the implementation of zero tolerance for corruption.”

He hoped the government would take serious steps to implement the recommendations of TI Pakistan which may result in a marked reduction of corruption and much better CPI in future years. Sohail Muzaffar further said amongst the five Saarc countries, Pakistan is the only country that improved its CPI score, whereas the rest either scored the same or scored less compared to the score in 2014.

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