Pakistan launches it’s first online vehicle verification system

KARACHI: Karachi Licence Department has successfully launched its database software in collaboration with Ufone that could access a person’s licence details, criminal record, if any, and vehicle details through inserting one’s national ID card number in the mobile phone during routine check in the metropolis.

At least 85 percent of vehicles’ drivers have no licence or have bogus papers, who are behind the accidents in the city, said Deputy Inspector General of Karachi Licence Department Aftatb Pathan on Thursday. Talking to PPI, DIG Aftab said they have launched database software which could ensure transparency in the Karachi Licence Department and could bound negligent drivers to get proper licences following the proper rules and regulations.

He said special chips have been installed in the mobile phones of traffic policemen that could access the details of drivers whose licences had been issued by the Karachi Licence Department. Aftab said it is dire need to bring reforms in the traffic system of Pakistan at government level. He said Pakistan’s all licence Departments should have centralised system to check all drivers’ licences properly and ensure 100 percent transparency in the working licence departments and traffic system.

Urban transport: Also, Aftab Pathan said on Thursday that the Sindh Department of Transport has badly neglected the urban transport system and resultantly commuters are suffering from acute shortage of public transport in the city. He said it seems the only work left for the department is to issue route permits to commercial vehicles which is their source of earning money. No proper efforts have been taken so far for the betterment of urban transport system in Karachi, he regretted۔


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