Indian minister

Pakistan is also victim of terrorism, says Indian minister

NEW DEHLI – Sympathizing with Pakistan on the issue of terrorism, Indian Union Minister for Food and Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan said that Pakistan is also a victim of terror.

According to Private TV channel – talking to reporters in Patna – Paswan said that Pakistan did not support terrorism. “Terror incidents have not only hit India but Pakistan as well. More people have been killed in Pakistan than India,” he said.

“If terrorists were under Nawaz Sharif’s control, how could those people (Pakistanis) have lost their lives,” he said. Paswan said that he believed in three points regarding Pakistan-India relations. “There should be friendship and mutual understanding between the two sides. Both the countries should share same currency and the visa issue should be resolved at earliest,” he also said.

“Same case should be applied on Pakistan, India and Bangladesh ties,” he added. The response comes few days after attack on Pathankot air base near Pakistan border. Indian security officials suspect the gunmen belonged to the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed, the group that staged a 2001 attack on the Indian parliament which brought the two countries to the brink of war.

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