Pakistan Army accomplish huge operation in a foriegn country

Benguai, Central African Republic – Fighters with the former Seleka rebel group attacked a northern town in Central African Republic and clashes left at least 30 dead and 57 wounded as United Nations peacekeepers opposed them.

Pakistani army succeeded to repelled the attackers, killing at least 12 of them. The attack in Kaga-Bandoro was likely retribution for the death on Tuesday of a suspected former Seleka member, told by the UN mission.

Fighters from Central African Republic’s largely Muslim ‘Seleka’ militia attacked refugees in the country’s remote north on Wednesday, stabbing or hacking to death at least 10 people before Pakistani peacekeepers dispersed them.

Central African Republic descended into fighting in 2013 when the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels defeated the Christian president Francois Bozize.

That escorted in a brutal reign with many violence committed. When the rebel leader left power, a backlash by the Christian anti-Balaka militia against Muslim civilians followed.

Pope Francis visited the capital at the end of last year to implore Christians and Muslims to end a spiral of hate.

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