Pak Army foils another Indian nefarious design today

Azad Kashmir: ISPR has reported, India once again violated LOC. India started unprovoked indiscriminate firing in Bhimber near chamber sector.  The firing started at 04:00 am and continued till 08:00 am tomorrow morning. Indian aggression befitted by Pak-Army and Indian operation foiled.

Remember first India attempted firing at LOC on Thursday- 29th September 2016. Pak-Army countered India aggression auspiciously. The firing started from India at 02:00 am and continued till 08:00 am. 2 Pakistani soldiers were martyred. India did not declare their loss of lives. But according to the secret sources 14 Indian Soldiers were dead. One of the Indian soldiers has been arrested by Pakistan. Interior Minister of India is asking Pakistan to return their arrested soldier.

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