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Outrage over Islamabad restaurant’s ‘sexist’ social media campaign

Islamabad:What would dissuade you from visiting a restaurant that is in a beautiful city, offers a wide range of cuisines including Italian and Chinese food and seems to have a good ambiance too? This was what went on in our minds when we first heard about Table No. 5, a restaurant located in Islamabad. The restaurant, which could have been well known for a lot of other-positive-things, has come into the limelight, with many calling out its highly sexist and derogatory remarks about women.

The cover photo of the restaurant’s Facebook page boasts that if a woman will not make a sandwich for a man, they will… This isn’t where it ends. The restaurant’s menu, which is divided into two segments- ‘for men’ and ‘for everyone else’- has some of its dishes’ names cleverly similar to the names of notorious sex offenders, rapists and men who are known to have abused women.


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