Opposition’s unnecessary demands causing delay in Panama leaks probe: Nisar

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said Opposition parties was only targeting the PM and their agenda did not seem to be eradication of corruption.

“Opposition’s target is not corruption but Nawaz Sharif. They don’t want to get to the truth, and are insulting the prime minister,” the security czar said while addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday. He was flanked by minister Zahid Hamid.

The minister criticised the opposition for ‘unnecessary demands’ into the Panama probe, saying the government is cooperating in every possible way to solve the issue.

He said that the Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was the first to react on the Panama Papers Leaks and sincerely wanted to resolve the issue but the opposition did not want to cooperate in this regard.

The Interior Minister said that some parties wanted it to be probed on media.

He said that they prepared their own Terms of References (TORs) which showed that they did not want a proper solution but only to mislead the nation.

According to Radio Pakistan, the PML-N has decided to form a committee to negotiate with the opposition.

Nisar said the prime minister had already showed his sincerity for exposing the truth but the opposition parties were insulting him.

“What more sincerity you want from the prime minister as he has announced he would go home if proven guilty?” Nisar asked the opposition.


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