Of misplaced passion and patriotism: Ali Aftab Saeed’s ‘Jazbati’ hits hard

Lahore (Neo Web Desk) Pakistanis are warm-hearted and fiery-tempered in equal measures. Whenever an insult to a loved one or cherished cause is suspected, we’re quick to answer the affront. Keeping this national tendency in mind, satirist and singer Ali Aftab Saeed has released his latest single, ‘Meri Qaum Bari Jazbati Hai’.‘Jazbati’ will sit well with people who say that the news has replaced mediums of entertainment in the country, and conceiving or cracking conspiracy theories is a national pasttime. The song picks at this phenomenon and traces how public opinion is shaped.The lyrics written by Arshed Bhatti focus on the over-emotional side of the nation and mock all those who are ready to destroy public property if their sentiments are hurt in any way.Featuring musician Saad Sultan, the song focuses on the many storms in teacups we have witnessed in the recent past.Unlike Begherat Brigade’s ‘Aaloo Anday‘, ‘Qom Bari Jazbaati Hai‘ has a simple tune which gels well with its biting lyrics. Although Ali has been working onGao Suno Badlo, an album that aims to combat different societal issues ranging from women emancipation to oppression of the labour class, it has been two years since he released one of his own satirical pieces.He has previously sung two such songs namely ‘Aaloo Anday’ and ‘Dhinak Dhinak’ in collaboration with Begherat Brigade.

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