Norway refuses giving mount to Finland for freedom celebrations

Oslo: Norway has denied giving its mountain to neighboring country Finland for its independence celebration events.

A social media campaign was initiated that Halt mountain should be given to Finland next year at the occasion of celebrating 100 years of Finland’s independence.

However, Norway’s Prime Minister said that the according to the country’s constitution, Norway cannot give any land or the hill toany country.

Halt Mountain is a shared mountain because a part of it is in Finland.

But the peak of the mountain is within 20 kilometers of the Norwegian border.

The campaign’s aim was to convince Norway to improvise its border so the mountain came to Finland and such minor change will not appear on maps.

The campaign said on social media that the mountain will be the best gift for Finland’s 100 year independence celebrations.

17 thousand people hit like to this campaign on Facebook in Finland and Norway. But the campaign faced a huge legal trouble.

Borders of both countries cross through the mountain.

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