brussles attack

No Pakistani killed, injured in Brussels blasts: ambassador

BRUSSELS - The Pakistani Embassy in Brussels has said it has not received reports of any Pakistani killed or injured in the explosions that rocked Belgium capital on Tuesday.

“We established contact with the Belgian authorities as soon as we received reports of the blasts. We are also in contact with leaders of the Pakistani community and members of the media here,” Pakistani Ambassador to Belgium Naghmana A Hashmi told private Tv channel on Tuesday.

“So far, we have not received any reports of any Pakistani injured or killed in the blasts,” she said. Naghmana said between 12,000 and 15,000 Pakistanis reside in Belgium, a country considered to be the de facto capital of the European Union hosting the official seats of the European Commission, and the European Parliament.

The ambassador said most Pakistanis in Brussels reside in the Molenbeek area, close to the centre of the city where most metro stations are located. “A few Pakistani families also reside in areas surrounding the airport,” she said.

She said that the embassy had set up dedicated emergency helpline numbers for the assistance of the Pakistani community residing in and around Brussels.

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