No More Wolverine….!

Sadly, Hugh Jackman is hanging up his adamantium claws in the final “Wolverine” movie, which is scheduled for 2017. Director James Mangold tweeted that the the third standalone film would start shooting in early 2016. But before they begin filming, the star wants to hear from Wolverine’s loyal fans on what they’d like to see. Here is his Tweet about Wolverine:

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) July 27, 2015 Has it really been 16 years? The first “X-Men” movie came out in 2000, so yeah that qualifies as 16 years of Wolverine on screen. Check out that first tweet to read the fans’ plot suggestions. Some of the ideas are pretty good (and very funny). We’re down for anything, especially if it includes more muscle shots.The man works hard to look that ripped, let him show it off!

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