No judge can give such irresponsible remarks, CJP

ISLAMABAD:  Anwar Zaheer Jamali (CJP) on Friday termed the coverage of yesterday‘s proceeding ‘irresponsible‘and elucidate that he never said that people should stand up against the government.

“No judge can give such irresponsible remarks in the courtroom”, Chief Justice said, while hearing the case pertaining to the Punjab government’s Orange Line Metro Train project.

Zaheer Jamali went on to say that he only asked people to vote the right person as it is for the people who vote the rulers to power. The CJP had observed that monarchy and not democracy was being practised in the country.

The court had directed the plaintiffs and all the respondents to suggest the names of three experts each who could advise the bench regarding technical matters in the case.

The apex court is hearing the appeals of the Punjab government, Lahore Development Authority (LDA), the Punjab Mass Transit Authority and Nespak against the Lahore High Court’s verdict regarding ban on the construction work within 200 feet of 11 heritages Lahore.

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