No country can crush freedom struggle in name of terrorism: Ch Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Hitting out at Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh for declaring those killed in occupied Kashmir by Indian security forces as “terrorists”, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday said torturing innocent children and unarmed civilians was terrorism.

While addressing the SAARC home ministers’ meet in Islamabad, Rajnath Singh had said, “There should be no glorification or eulogising of terrorists as martyrs.”

“There are no good terrorists or bad terrorists. Terrorism is terrorism,” Rajnath Singh had said.

Speaking at the conference Nisar said, “There is a difference between struggle for liberation and terrorism.”

He said suppressing freedom struggle was against fundamental human rights.

“No country could crush freedom struggle in the guise of terrorism”, Interior Minister said.

He also said unarmed innocent Kashmiris cannot be shot and tortured in the name of terrorism.

Nisar said protection was being provided to religious groups involved in Samjhota Express incident.

He said,” The offenders should be punished as soon as possible to avoid such attacks in future.”

Interior Minister further said Pakistan ready to be a part of dialogue process for peace but in a dignified manner.

Earlier, Nisar said that Pakistan wants to see SAARC as a successful organization.

“SAARC will have to play its role to solve problems of the region. We will have to adopt a common strategy to combat crimes,” he said.

Nisar added that all the countries in SAARC should make efforts to counter drugs and maintain peace in the region.

He added that the region faced crimes like human trafficking and money laundering.

The meeting of SAARC interior ministers kicked off in Islamabad on Wednesday with regional affairs, terrorism, prevention of drugs and human trafficking on its agenda.

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