Nisar offers Imran to probe Panama leaks through FIA

RAWALPINDI: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said that FIA could be given the task to investigate Panama Papers leaks.

Speaking to media in Kallar Syedan here Saturday, Ch Nisar asked Imran Khan to name any FIA official to probe Panama leaks.

The Interior Minister said, “No one will be allowed to hold public rally in the federal capital.”

Ch Nisar said they will consult with political parties after approval from cabinet over the matter of public rallies in Islamabad.

“Now series of allegations and protests be ended,” he said.

Commenting on Imran Khan’s announcement to address nation via PTV, Ch Nisar said only President and the Prime Minister can address the nation on state TV.

Ch Nisar said that issue of heading judicial commission would be resolved soon as not every judge has refused to led the commission.

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