Nisar determined to eliminate corruption from NADRA

Federal Interior Minister Chaudary Nisar has said that he is still not satisfied with the efforts to end corruption in National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

“I want to end corruption as quickly as it spread,” he claimed.”Foreigners were not only given National Identity Cards but were also being hired in the institution,” he added.

The minister further stated that the Interior Ministry is working to make NADRA better. “Mafia will be ended from NADRA and passport offices and agents who ask for money will be eliminated soon,” he stated.

While addressing the press, Nisar further claimed that NADRA will be further modernized in the next four months along with the passport services. “We want to get rid of the queues for which online service for the passport will be launched by March,” he exclaimed.

“The next step will be payment of the passport fee through mobile service,” the minister claimed.



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