Nisar asks MQM to ‘control’ supremo Altaf Hussain

ISLAMABAD (Neo Web Desk)Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday during his address in the National Assembly asked Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to “control their chief Altaf Hussain,” and told MQM lawmakers they “have no control on what happens in London” where party supremo Altaf Hussain has been residing for years.

“I understand your situation,” said Nisar, turning towards MQM lawmakers in the house— “you have no control over what goes on in London.”

“Please make him understand that his course of action is not going to solve problems, the problem is not with army or Rangers, but the problem lies in Altaf Hussain’s speeches. We are ready to resolve all issues with you and consider valid requests, but this is no way to go about resolving problems.”

“The policy adopted by Altaf Hussain and his remarks has caused alot of damage, and the situation has reached a point that even damage control would take a considerable amount of time,” added Nisar.

“I have reiterated our policy to all stakeholders of the security operation in Karachi, that no one should go missing, we do not and will not pursue a policy of missing persons in the present government,” the interior minister elaborated.

Nisar said several figures and statistics presented by MQM in news conferences are “sheer propaganda” with no truth to them. “Nonetheless, we are ready to listen to them. But Altaf’s remarks had done a lot of damage,” said the interior minister.

Nisar reiterated the federal government’s stance that security operations in Karachi are in no way targeting a political party or specific individuals, adding that the operation’s objective is to achieve lasting peace and rule of law in the country’s commercial hub.

He said July was the most peaceful month in Karachi in almost two decades, which signaled that the operation had apprehended the right people.

Earlier in August, Altaf Hussain, while addressing the 19th worker’s convention in Dallas, asked MQM activists to approach the United Nations and Nato headquarters in the United States and “inform them of human rights abuses against the muhajir community”, according to a statement on the MQM website.

In response, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah in a statement said only an “insane person can think to approach any foreign country, particularly India,” to intervene in Karachi, in an implicit reference to Altaf Hussain’s recent speech to workers in Dallas.

On July 30, the MQM in a letter sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, had claimed excesses committed by the para-military Rangers in their ongoing security operation in Karachi.

MQM has been under pressure recently after the security operation in Karachi, led by Rangers, resulted in the arrest of some of its workers and Rabita committee members for alleged offences ranging from extortion to facilitating hate speech against national institutions.

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