Nina Dobrev finds Deepika Padukone stunning

Mumbai - Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone has now shared she is looking forward to begin shooting with Vampire Diaries actor, Nina Dobrev, for the Hollywood project.

Dobrev had taken to Twitter last week, saying, “Happy to be home. Looking forward to starting xXx this week.” Deepika responded by saying, “Can’t wait to see you Nina! @ninadobrev.”

Dobrev did not shy away from expressing her thoughts on the meeting. “Beyond amazing to dine with you Deepika! Do you always look like you’re doing a Vogue shoot? #Stunning,” she wrote on Twitter following the dinner.

Padukone left for Canada to shoot for the film, earlier this month, and has been keeping her fans updated about her debut Hollywood venture through photographs and videos. In fact, her rumoured boyfriend, actor Ranveer Singh also paid a visit to her during his short trip to Toronto.

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