Nigeria: What next for the rescued Boko Haram captives?

They queued up for brand new clothes and flip-flops – cellophane-wrapped dresses for the girls and matching shirts and shorts for the boys.
For the rescued children this donation, from Red Cross Nigeria and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was the first chance to get out of the tattered clothes they had been wearing for months, since the very day they were kidnapped by Boko Haram.
Handing out clothes to the women and children as well as buckets, towels and soap is the easy part. It is much harder to help them recover from the physical and psychological damage.
“I saw death when I was with Boko Haram. I lived with death,” says Margaret.
“It’s only God that saved me. But I’m not the same person now.”
Her two-year-old daughter, Halima, is asleep on her lap, as her young son Jacob, 4, cries relentlessly from fever and struggles to sit up on the bed beside her.
“We saw so many ugly things. People were slaughtered with knives in front of us. It has changed my view of the world completely,” she told me.

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