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NEPRA approves Rs 4.36/unit cut in power tariff

ISLAMABAD – National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has accorded approval to scale down power tariff by Rs 4.36 per unit.

The reduction in power tariff has been made under Fuel Adjustment Surcharge (FAS) head for the month of February. NEPRA while hearing CPPA petition on Tuesday accorded approval to reduce power tariff by Rs 4,36 per unit.

The reduction will not be applicable to K Electric consumers and the domestic and agricultural consumers who are using electricity up to 300 units per month. Prices of furnace oil have declined considerably therefore; reduction in power tariff has been approved.

The power distribution companies will get relief to the tune of Rs 14 billion. NEPRA said that 6.20 billion units electricity was sold out during the month of February.

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