Nawaz Sharif opens Multan-Khanewal motorway, terms it another milestone

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the government has achieved another milestone by completing Multan-Khanewal motorway. “The motorway project was halted in 1999 after our government was toppled,” he said.

He was addressing at the inauguration ceremony the Multan-Khnewal motorway project. The PM further said that the rulers who came after his government not only stopped the motorway but also made the people of Pakistan suffer through issues like load-shedding.

“Today load shedding is everywhere from markets to houses to the tube wells of farmers,” he pointed out. “The former rulers also gave the disease of terrorism to Pakistan, which took thousands of lives of our common people, and military personnel,” he added.

The PM also said his government has put Pakistan on the road of progress. “We have to keep pace with the speed of global progress or else we will lag behind,” he stated. “People are also supporting us because of our efforts – success in Local Body elections is a major proof,” he added.

The Prime Minister pointed out that when he presented the idea of motorway in 1992, people started to oppose it and said that it will destroy the national economy. “We completed that project in Rs21 billion but opposition put allegation that we did corruption of Rs432 billion,” he said. “I challenge everyone to prove corruption of single paisa in the project,” he added.

Sharif claimed that the people who opposed the motorway project are now favoring it. “We had completed motorway from Peshawar to Islamabad, Islamabad to Lahore, and now this will go on to Karachi,” he said. “A complete structure of roads is also being constructed in Balochistan with the historical development of Gwadar port establishment,” he added.

“We are also constructing the motorway from Gojra to Faisalabad,” PM said. “Rs400 billion are being saved in that project,” he added. “We are decreasing the distance through roads which no other ruler has done before,” he claimed. While discussing the previous rulers he stated that we lost East Pakistan because we did not decrease distances with them. “Roads are best way to shorten the distances and motorway is best example of it. It is a swift and safe passage for journey,” he claimed.

“The people who opposed the motorway and metro projects are actually opposing poor masses of Pakistan who travel through these means,” he added.

While talking about other projects of the ruling party, the PM pointed out that motorway is not the government’s only focus, with energy sector also being a priority. “We are establishing electricity projects which will produce the energy through windmills, solar energy, LNG gas, and water,” he claimed

“We are going to connect Kashgher through Khanjrab Pass and Karakorum Highway,” he stated. “We have completed a tunnel on Attabad Lake with Rs27 billion which has shortened the distances for people of Hunza and Gilgit,” he added.


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