Nawaz Sharif has Rs.140 Bn assets but he doesn’t pay any tax:Imran Khan

LAHORE: In his usual aggressive style Oppostion leader Imran Khan Lashes out at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his inability to handle the power crises issue.

“Nawaz Sharif promises are only pack of lies.CM Punjab Shahbaz promised ending load shedding within 6 months while PM Nawaz promised a lightened Pakistan to his voters.,Govt. Corruption and inability to handle the power affairs cost WAPDA Rs.980 BN. Nandipur Power project lasted for 5 days and not Audit is carried out.NEPRA accepts that distribution companies costed Rs.20 BN to the Govt. Treasury.NEPRA itself accepts that load shedding won’t be eradicated till 2020.,NEPRA supplements its cost by sending 60% extra bill to household users.Circular debt has reached Rs 600 BN”, says the enraged Imran Khan.

Quoting from Wikipedia he said, that PM Nawaz has an assets of Rs.140 BN.making Nawaz Sharif the 3rd richest person of Pakistan.

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