Nawaz answerable to people on children’s offshore companies: Imran

PTI chief Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif should resign after appearing of names of his children in Panama Papers but he is busy in touring the country to avoid our answers.

Addressing a huge public rally in Peshawar, he said that Iceland PM resigned on offshore companies on his wife’s name. He had no moral authority left and similarly Nawaz Sharif has lost moral grounds to rule the country till probe of Panama leaks.

“Mian Sab you’re touring the country to avoid our questions; we ask you…we want answers! You can not run. As opposition, it is my duty to ask you how your children acquired so much money. David Cameron was answerable to his people. You should also clear your position to your people,” he said.

“NAB, FBR and FIA may all be under your control, but Imran Khan is not. As opposition, my duty is to question you,” he uttered.


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