Nargis Fakhri disowns her controversial ad

NEWDEHLI: Famous Indian actress Nargir Fakhri breaks silence over her controversial ad, which was published in a number of Daily Urdu Newspapers.The ad was made by Mobilink- a telecom giant- featuring Fakhri in a red dress and holding cell phone, which stirred extreme criticism on social media, terming the ad as unethical especially in Urdu newspapers.Nargis Fakhri herself expressed regression over the ad being published in the daily Urdu newspapers.She said: “I am associated with Mobilink as a brand ambassador for the last 3 years and did not witness any issue like this”.

Furthermore, the actress said that she was unaware that the visual would be used for a mainstream daily Urdu newspaper ad.The actress said that she was very careful about core values of a society and respects cultural boundaries.


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