Nandita Das unwell, not coming Karachi to attend Literature Festival

KARACHI: Indian actress Nandita Das has said that she had been unwell since Wednesday and unfortunately she was unable to go to Karachi and attend Literature Festival there.In a message on her facebook page, Nandita Das said, “I felt terrible letting down the organisers but it’s beyond my control. I had offered to do the sessions via Skype to make sure one can participate and the intent with which the Lit Fest is organised, is upheld.”In her response to visa issue of Mr. Anupam Kher, she said as a firm believer of people-to-people initiatives, she wanted to very clear that anybody’s visa being denied was detrimental to the process, especially of Artists.

“I don’t feel the need to prove my nationality in public debates. My work, my life is reflective of my cultural and national identity and we have to draw a line between jingoism and nationalism. And I only want to reiterate that whenever the two countries have the possibility of artistic exchange we should do our best to enable them.”

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