NACTA receives 8,305 calls on its helpline, blocks 75 spam numbers

ISLAMABAD: The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) received 8,305 phone calls on its helpline, out of which 8,264 were spam calls during the first three weeks of last month.

This was informed in a monthly meeting, chaired by NACTA National Coordinator Ihsan Ghani, on Thursday, to monitor the progress on various on-going NACTA’s initiatives. The NACTA’s members, director generals and directors attended the meeting.

The participants were apprised on the performance and hurdles, being faced on the 1717 helpline, which is operated and managed by the NACTA 24/7.

The figures and data of first 20 days showed that only 41 calls were legitimate amongst the total 8,305 calls made during the said period.

The NACTA’s officials were informed that 75 spam callers were blocked by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to discourage such hoax callers.

It is pertinent to mention here that a caller tune by default conveys spam callers a warning message that legal consequences would be taken for the misuse of such an important helpline.

The meeting was also further informed despite the fact that NACTA is facing shortage of resources including officers and trained staff; it operates a dedicated helpline to respond any possible threats.

The NACTA is endeavouring to save lives of many innocent people, but some irresponsible people create hindrances by making hundreds and thousands of hoax and spam calls on Pakistan’s one and only anti-terrorism helpline.

Ihsan Ghani has taken serious notice of the situation and reiterated NACTA’s ambition to minimise pain of this traumatised nation, which has been victims of long and unwanted war of terrorism.

He decided to make an appeal to people not to get involved in such practices, which not only wastes precious resources of the government, but it may end up in irreparable damage. It was also decided that names of these irresponsible people would be made public so that the embarrassment they face would prevent others from doing such a thing.

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