NAB should take action against corrupt leaders: Imran

LAHORE: Following ‘Panama Papers’ leaks, PTI chairman Imran Khan National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should take action against corrupt leaders or it should be shut down if failed to do the job.

Addressing the media, Khan said he would directly send an accused to jail, “without levelling any allegation”.

He asked how the money was transferred to UK. “Ishaq Dar has admitted he did money laundering for Nawaz Sharif,” he explained.

The PTI chief said if investigations had begun in France, New Zealand, Iceland then it should also start in Pakistan.

He said that how a money launderer PM can ask foreign investors to invest in the country?

“If NAB wants to retain credibility, then they should open up investigations against Nawaz Sharif like the world is doing,” he demanded.

Responding to criticism of minister Pervaiz Rashid, Khan said ”people like Pervaiz Rashid should feel ashamed. They are trying to dodge people by covering crimes.”

Earlier, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said even Panama Papers, a reference to a massive leak of tax documents by an anonymous source, proved Khan’s allegation wrong as Nawaz Sharif has no assets in foreign countries.

“Both the sons of Nawaz Shairf file their tax returns in accordance with  law, and do business abroad like children of common Pakistanis do” he said.

“The documents do not mention that Nawaz Shairf and Shahbaz Sharif have properties out of the country,” the minister said.

“Imran Khan’s allegations are wrong; he should at least express regret,” he said adding that those who live in glass houses should avoid throwing stones at others.

“We do not want to discuss things relating to Imran Khan. He could knock doors of international courts or approach the National Accountability (NAB) over the Panama leaks,” Pervaiz Rashid said.


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