My work will speak for itself: Murad Ali Shah

ISLAMABAD: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah would hold a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on Friday, to discuss different issues of national interest, sources said.

According to the sources, after arriving in Islamabad Murad would hold a meeting with the prime minister here, around 11:00 am. He would discuss various matters related to the working relationship with the federal government, distribution of resources, the prevalent law and order situation in Sindh and the issues pertaining to extending the policing powers of Rangers in Karachi.

The chief minister would also hold a press conference after his meeting with the prime minister concludes. He would brief the media personnel regarding the meeting after Friday prayers. This would be the first meeting between the newly elected chief minister and PM Nawaz, since Murad took oath last week.

The federal government and Sindh government have been at odds over the issue of extending the stay of Rangers in Karachi with special powers. On Monday, Murad wrote a letter to the interior ministry in which he approved Rangers’ stay in Sindh with policing powers.



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