Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal to hold 1st rally in mid-April

KARACHI: Former Karachi mayor, Mustafa Kamal Sunday announced to hold his first ever public meeting in Karachi in the second week of April.

Addressing a press conference, Mustafa Kamal said although it has just been days since their return to Pakistan, this rally would still be able to prove a huge crowd puller. “People would witness for themselves the magnitude of this public meeting,” he added.

When asked to respond to Farooq Sattar’s claims of MQM workers loyalties being bought off, Kamal said he would not react to his remarks.

“Farooq Sattar is an innocent man….I don’t want to say anything on this…. I only salute Farooq Sattar with both hands,” he added.

To another question about the visit of representatives of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) at his residence, Mustafa Kamal said the team led by Shahid Hayat paid a brief visit. “They had tea with us and asked us to extend our cooperation in (Altaf Hussain’s) money laundering case,” he added.

He said some women relatives of missing MQM workers also approached him. In this regard, he said these workers did not turn into criminals or agents of RAW of their own accord. “They were used and put on the path to destruction,” he added.

He said he requests the ‘Establishment’ and the state that these workers be given one chance to mend their ways and become productive citizens of the country.

“We don’t want these workers to come to us. We want them to go to their parents and family members,” he said.

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