Mullah Omar did not die in Pakistan: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD (Neo Web Desk) Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif while addressing the National Assembly on Friday said that the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar did not die in Pakistan nor was he buried here.He said that the Afghan Taliban leader was neither in Quetta nor in Karachi, adding that Pakistan does not want to be involved in controversy pertaining to Taliban leadership. Asif also clarified that the Afghan Taliban leader was not treated in a hospital in Karachi.Asif said that statements made by Mullah Omar’s family prove that he died in Afghanistan and was buried there as well.He further said that Pakistan wants peace in the region and is playing its role as a facilitator in negotiations between the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government. He added that an atmosphere of peace can be established in the region by ensuring peace in Afghanistan.Last month, Afghanistan announced that Mullah Omar, the reclusive leader of the Afghan Taliban movement, died more than two years ago in Karachi.“The government … based on credible information, confirms that Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taliban died in April 2013 in Pakistan,” the Afghan presidential palace had said in a statement.

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