MQM’s Raza, Waheeduzaman join Pak Sarzameen Party

KARACHI: Two senior leaders from MQM, Muhammad Raza and Waheeduzaman, joined Pak Sarzameen Party on Monday.

In a press conference both Muhammad Raza and Waheeduzaman announced their joining at a press conference.

“I have returned to Karachi after 16 years due to promises made by Pak Sarzameen Party,” said former senior MQM worker Mohammad Raza.

“What Mustafa Kamal says is the truth,” said Raza. “I went to London in the 80s. Now I am back in Karachi after 16 years only to be part of the ideology of Pak Sarzameen Party.”

Several APMSO workers also joined the PSP along with Waheeduzaman.

Former Karachi Nazim Mustafa Kamal accused Altaf Hussain and Nusrat Javed of creating terrorists. “Altaf Hussain called a meeting yesterday where he asked participants to keep their phones away. But we obtained all of the information,” he said.

Kamal accused the MQM chief and senior MQM leader Nadeem Nusrat of ordering workers to carry out assassinations of political rivals.


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