MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain dancing video on MQM’s 32nd Foundation Day goes viral

32nd Foundation Day of MQM was celebrated yesterday on 18th March by the MQM workers, for this purpose the grand stage was set at Jinnah Ground, Karachi. The supremo of MQM, Altaf Hussain who was said to be on death bed according to the rumors, arrived at the International Secretariat of MQM at London and did a video address to the workers at Jinnah Ground.

The video address of MQM’s chief  was also shown on the live TV of MQM which was viewed by approx. 10 Million viewers globally, according to the MQM leaders.

Upon arrival of Hussain at London Secretariat, workers warmly welcomed him and  raised slogan in his support, the chief also responded them and met the workers.

Later, he is also seen dancing and answering the workers, the video was captured by the workers out there and later Altafs’ followers said that it is the answer to all the biased rumors regarding MQM chief’s health.

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