MQM Pakistan leader Farooq Sattar will be discharged in 72 hours: Doctors

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan head Dr Farooq Sattar is out of dangers, doctors said on Monday.In a press conference held today Liaquat National Hospital spokesman Anjum Rizvi said Sattar had not received any major injuries. His blood tests were positive, so were his MRI and CT scans, he added.

“Since 5 AM today he is in a deep sleep which is good for his health. The more he rests he will recover faster,” he said.The spokesman said that even at the time he was brought to the hospital Sattar seemed to be in “high spirits”. “He answered phone calls of friends and family.”

A 12 member medical team of doctors is taking care of Sattar, he said. “His will be discharged after 72 hours after the team monitors his vital body organs and body movements,” he said.Dr Sattar has been placed in the special ward of the hospital.The politician’s coordinator is also out of danger, he said.

Security at the hospital has beefed up. More than eight police mobiles have been placed at the hospital gates. Meanwhile more than 30 policemen have been deployed inside the hospital, police said.Sattar, along with three others, received injuries after his car crashed at Nooriabad Police Sation at the Super Highway on Sunday when he was coming back to Karachi from Hyderabad.

“Sattar was on his way to Karachi from Hyderabad when his car overturned after colliding with barriers placed on the road,” said Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan, who was with him in a separate car at the time of the accident.

Sattar received injuries to his head, back and shoulders and was taken to a private hospital, Hassan said, who was also accompanying him in another vehicle.

Three policemen, who were sitting at the back of the bullet-proof Toyota Hilux-Vigo, were also wounded in the accident, he added.


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