MQM linked to over 70 UK bank accounts

According to the UK police documents obtained by BCC reveal that, out of 70 bank accounts linked to money laundering, 26 are under Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Chief Altaf Hussain’s name.

As a probe is ongoing regarding money laundering charges against Altaf Hussain in Pakistan, UK members of MQM are waiting to hear if they will face similar charges. Six British detectives were recently in Pakistan seeking co-operation in the alleged money-laundering case.

Though British police have been investigating MQM for several years, investigations picked up drastically since a meeting in London, between Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Home Secretary Theresa May in April.

Further, British police also submitted the Scotland Yard documents to Federal Investigations Agency (FIA), which included all necessary details regarding both open and closed bank accounts of the party. Scotland Yard has declined to comment on the documents.

The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service is already considering whether leading MQM officials should be charged with money-laundering offences but police say that does not stop them making further inquiries.

“The investigation continues and any further relevant information would be discussed with the CPS,” said a spokesperson at Scotland Yard.

The Scotland Yard documents include a number of other British requests for assistance from their Pakistani counterparts.

The British asked for information about cash and weapons found at the MQM’s Karachi headquarters. They also asked for official confirmation of Pakistani media reports that the MQM was involved in extortion in Karachi.

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