Mourners mourn martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas bin Ali(Rz) today

Today is the martyr anniversary of the stepbrother of Syed Hazrat Imam Hussain(Rz) who laid his life while defending family of Hazrat Imam Hussain(Rz), and was mourned by Hazrat imam Hussain(Rz) himself.

Hazrat Abbās ibn ‘Ali also Qamar Banī Hāshim (the moon of Banu Hashim), (born 4th Sha‘bān 26 AH – 8 Muharram 61 AH; approximately May 15, 647 – October 10, 680) was the son of Hazrat Ali(Rz), the first Imam of Shiite Muslims and the fourth Caliph of Sunni Muslims, and Fatima bint Hizam(Rz), commonly known as Mother of the Sons. Abbas is revered by Sunni and Shiite Muslims for his loyalty to his half-brother Hussein, his respect for the Households of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), and his role in the Battle of Karbala. Hazrat Abbas(Rz) is buried in the Shrine of Abbas in Karbala, Karbala Governorate, Iraq, where he was martyred during the Battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura. He was praised for his “handsome looks”.

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