Narendra Modi

Modi says there won’t be any dialogue with Pakistan until extremist activities end

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that relations with Pakistan could not be improved until extremist activities were stopped from across the border.He said that India wished good relations with neighbouring countries including Pakistan and the government was taking important steps in this regard.In an interview to an English newspaper, the Indian prime minister said that several elements were active to sabotage the peace and progress of the country along with Jammu and Kashmir and there was a need to crush these elements strictly. While praising the coalition between the PDP and BJP, Modi said that the coalition of both parties was historical and was formed in the background of the present political scenario which was destined to benefit the country. He said that the anti-state elements were making efforts to weaken India but these efforts would be crushed at all costs.

The Indian premier said that India wanted to have good ties with all neighbouring countries including Pakistan and the central government was taking important measures in this direction.He said that it was his desire to have good and peaceful ties with Pakistan. He said that recently his government had sent its foreign minister to Pakistan in this regard. He said that it was necessary to create a peaceful and cordial atmosphere for starting process of good relations.

Narendra Modi said that Pakistan should also perform its responsibility and for it should eliminate all extremist activities completely. He made it clear that no progress could take place in improving relations and in the comprehensive process of talks until the elimination of anti-Indian activities of extremism across the border.


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