Nawaz Modi

Modi makes surprise visit to Pakistan to meet PM Nawaz

Lahore: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise visit to Pakistan and went to Jati Umrah to meet PM Nawaz Sharif. He also attended PM’s grand daughter marriage ceremony.

He was greeted at Lahore Airport by PM Nawaz Sharif, Punjab PM Shahbaz Sharif and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. The environment was very happy as Indian PM Narendra Modi is found giggling on many times during his visit to Jati Umrah. Experts have declared it as Birthday Diplomacy because today is also the bithday of PM Nawaz Sharif.

Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sprung a massive surprise today as he tweeted that he would “drop by” Lahore on his way back to Delhi and meet Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who turns 66 today.

“Looking forward to meeting PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore today afternoon, where I will drop by on my way back to Delhi,” he tweeted this afternoon.

He had wished Mr Sharif on his birthday earlier today. This will be his first visit to Pakistan since taking office last year and the first visit to Pakistan by an Indian prime minister in 12 years.

The announcement came just after PM Modi, during a joint session of the Afghan Parliament, appeared to send a strong message to Pakistan on terror, without naming the country.

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