Rahul's rally in Kolkata

Modi is doing “Dalali” of Indian soldiers’ dead bodies

New Delhi: BJP led Indian Government is under extreme pressure following its claims of Surgical strikes. Although Congress stood behind Indian DGMO claim of surgical strikes inside Pakistan but now it has started asking for proof from the BJP government.

Today Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lashes out at Indian Prime minister by using the words.”Modi indian foujion ki lashoon ki dalali kr rahay hain”.

This remark is in fact an outcome of the indian Government State Minister Uma Bharti who sustained that all those asking for surgical strikes proof should apply for Pakistan Nationality.

Proof of Surgical strike claim of Indian government is turning out to be an acid test for the BJP government who has recently been questioned from all fronts inside and outside the country.

With UN and US both denying the proves of any such strikes, this matter is becoming a matter of permanent headache for BJP lead government.

Indian Punjab CM has already confirmed that there were no surgical strikes and this is BJP hasty attempt to win elections of Punjab.


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