Modi asked by Delhi CM to prove surgical strikes

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to prove alleged surgical strikes inside Pakistan.“Unmask Pakistan’s baseless attempt to damage the reputation of India on the global forum,” Kejriwal said in a video statement addressing the Indian premier.

“For the last two or three days, we have seen that Pakistan has been taking foreign journalists to the border (with India). It has been trying to convince them that the surgical strikes did not take place.”

“Two days ago, the United Nations gave a statement that such activity was not seen at the border. Yesterday, CNN was running a report in which a reporter showed that the Pakistani government had taken foreign journalists in a bus to the border. And they (the Pakistani government) were trying to convince the journalists that nothing had taken place at the spot where India claimed surgical strikes had taken place,” Kejriwal said.

“They were trying to show children playing there and trying to portray a normal life there. They were trying to show that there is no proof of surgical strikes there,” said the Delhi chief minister. “There were reports being published by BBC and The New York Times questioning whether surgical strikes actually took place,” he further said.

“Pakistan is trying to damage India’s reputation in the international community,” he said.

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