Mobilink launches affordable 3G-enabled smartphones

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to provide customers with a streamlined set of solutions for their communication needs, Mobilink has announced the launch of an affordable series of smartphones named Jazz X.

The series includes one feature phone, JF100 available for Rs 2,999, and three other smartphones, JS300, JS500, and JS700, which are available for Rs 4,299, Rs 5,499, and Rs 7,999 respectively.

“We are constantly looking for ways to provide our customers with the best in-class services and products. The launch of our Jazz X range with our exceptional 3G services would enable consumers, especially from marginalised communities, to be included in the ongoing digitisation process,” said Mobilink Vice President Marketing Asif Aziz. “There are a large number of inexpensive and largely undifferentiated devices in the market today catering to the developing communities. We believe, with our Jazz X range, we are able to offer a superior value handset at each price point; something for every consumer.”

Mobilink Head of Data Aamer Manzoor said, “This is another step in Mobilink’s evolution as Pakistan’s best mobile network. Today we are no longer just telecommunications service providers, but have expanded our footprint in becoming a complete mobile communications solution provider.”

The JS300 and JS500 smartphones in the Jazz X range, run on Android 4.4, have a 2MP rear and a VGA front camera, Dual SIM capabilities, 512MB RAM (JS300 & JS500 ONLY), and support external memory up to 32GB. The variance in these two smartphone models is their respective screen sizes and processors. The JS300 has a MTK 1.0GHz Dual-Core processor with a 3.5 inches screen, the JS500 has a MTK 1.3GHz Dual-Core processor with a 4.0 inches screen, and the JS700, largest smartphone in the Jazz X category with a 5.0 inches display screen, has 1GB RAM, 5MP rear and 2Mp front camera, and a MTK 1.2GHz Dual-Core processor.

The JF100, a feature phone of the range, offers basic features like a flashlight, FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2MP front and a VGA back camera, dual SIM and boasts of a battery that can last days without charging it. In addition to these qualities, the biggest plus point is that this phone is a 3G-enabled phone hence distinguishing it from other feature phones.

The launch of this Jazz X cell-phone range is in line with Mobilink’s strategy of introducing affordable 3G devices in the market to enable 3G usage in a bid to reduce the prevalent digital divide, especially amongst the rural inhabitants. With the features they offer, along with the affordable pricing, these devices shall entice first time Internet users to take the leap and experience the power of high speed Internet. All four devices are available exclusively at Mobilink Business Centers and franchises along with PKR 800 credit, 2GigaBytes of 3G. The JS500 and JS700 also offer customers unlimited Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp usage for up to 4 months.

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