MNA Shahjehan assaults woman constable at Parliament Lodges

ISLAMABAD: Member of National Assembly (MNA) Shahjehan Mangrio on Wednesday is reported to have thrashed a woman constable who refused to leave her duty place to visit her dwelling in parliamentarians suites.

National People’s Party’s (NPP) MNA Mangrio allegedly assaulted a woman constable who was performing duties at the entrance. The constable, Afshan said that she was called by the MNA to her room but she had to refuse due to duty.

Security Division Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mirwaiz Niaz said that an investigation has been launched in the matter.

“We have decided to bring the MNA’s highhandedness to the attention of the National Assembly speaker and will also look to initiate legal action against her,” he added.
Mrs Mangrio, who hails from Sukkur and was elected to parliament on a reserved seat, resides in suite E-403 at the lodges

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