Mirwaiz urges Intl community to take notice of Indian atrocities

ISLAMABAD: Chairman All Parties Hurriyet Conference Mirwaiz Omer Farooq said on Wednesday international community should fulfill its responsibility to help stop atrocities in the Indian Held Kashmir.   

Talking to PTV News, he said the current situation in occupied Kashmir is very precarious and the world conscience should awake now to address this issue.

He said the government and people of Pakistan and people of Kashmir are observing the black day against Indian tyranny in the occupied Kashmir.

He said world community should take cognizance of brutality of Indian forces as they are targeting and killing innocent Kashmiris who are struggling for their just and inalienable right to self-determination.

Replying to a question, he said the United Nations had failed to dispense its duty of getting implemented its resolutions on Kashmir.

He said all the black laws exercised in held Kashmir should be repealed for cessation of hostilities against Kashmiri people and India should be held responsible at internal forums instead of enjoying immunity to subject the innocent people to brutalities.

He asked India to stop negative propaganda about Kashmiris struggle as a just struggle for right to self-determination according to the UN resolution can in no way be compared with extremism or terrorism. “It is the matter of the undeniable right of the Kashmiri people who have been granted this right by the United Nations.”

Indian government should also stop misguiding the international community that struggle of Kashmiri people had no dimension. “Our dimension is very clear. Our people are laying down their lives for a reason and this reason is right to self-determination.”

He said all the Hurriyet leadership stands united for this noble cause with unflinching courage and commitment despite all odds and cruelties.

Mirwaiz said India’s obduracy has compelled the educated youth of Kashmir to come out of homes and protest on roads for their right.

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