Microsoft updates UWP with GSync/Freesync, Overlay Support plus Win32 Converter

At its Build 2016 developer conference event, Microsoft detailed a slew of features coming to its Universal Windows Platform (UWP), for free.First things first, Microsoft announced that it will introduce the ability to disable VSync and official support for both GSync and FreeSync in May. Not only that, but the Redmond based software giant did confirm that both overlays and mods will be supported in the furture UWP games.What’s more interesting is a new tool called Desktop App Converter, which allows developers to easily convert existing Windows32 applications to Universal Windows apps.

Xbox head Phil Spencer demoed this tool by converting two existing Steamworks games, Age of Empires II HD and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and running them as UWP apps. Spencer claimed developers will be able to convert their apps without any change to the original code.

“This allows these games to take advantage of the common services and technology in both Xbox and Windows 10, things like platform-specific features like Live Tile support, notifications,” said Spencer. “We have consistent input support with controller and mouse and keyboard across all of our devices, and distribution in the Windows Store or any other store.”

Last but not least, Microsoft also plans to offer official multi-GPU support in the future.

With these features and a few more, Microsoft hopes UWP will give an overall better performance to gamers. The tech giant says it’s committed to address every issue that has been raised by users regarding Universal Windows games!


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